Abusive Balloons

Abusive Balloons

Product Information

Everyone knows that a party has to have Balloons. But when you reach the adult phase of life sometimes standard ones are just not enough. So as with most things in life a solution has been found and that is in the form of the Abusive Balloons!

Each pack contains 12 offensive, but funny balloons!

Pack contents
4 x Red (F*ck Me You’re Old)
4x Yellow (Happy F*cking Whatever)
4x Orange (This Party is Shit)

Just imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they see these little beauties all inflated floating around the party area. Invite the mother-in-law for an even better reaction!

The Abusive Balloons can also be filled with Helium for added effect plus at the end of the party you can then all take it in turns to sound like the legend Joe Pasquale!