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Blinds buying guide

Blinds come in many different styles and can really finish off the look of a room. They also help to block out unwanted light and give you total privacy. Over the years new online based blind companies have entered the market and this has not only made ordering much easier but the price of blinds has come down too.

When it comes to buying new blinds you have two options to choose from. We’ve detailed these below to help you find the best choice for you.

Measure + fit service
This option is best suited for people who don’t want the task of measuring or installing their own blinds. Once an appointment has been arranged, someone from your chosen blind company will visit your home and take measurements. At the same time they will discuss with you which blinds and colour options you would like to order. Your blinds will then be made at the factory and when ready will be installed by a trained installer.

This option is more expensive as you have the cost of installation plus that of the initial visit from the estimator.

DIY measuring + fitting
This option is much cheaper than above but does involve a little extra work. When you have chosen your blinds you will be asked to include the window sizes for each blind you are ordering.

It is really simple to do and your chosen blinds company will show you exactly how to measure your windows.

Once ordered, your new blinds will be made to size and delivered directly to your door in a few days. Within the package is everything you need to install your new blinds plus simple to follow instructions.

Popular types of blinds

When it comes to buying blinds for your home or business the choice is almost endless. We have included below the most popular styles available and the features they provide.

Venetian blinds
Normally made from aluminum, venetian blinds tend to be made up of individual slats that are available in many different colour combinations. They work well in all room types including kitchens and bathrooms and are really easy to clean.

Vertical blinds
Tend to be made from fabric and are available in many great looking colours. They are not really suitable for the kitchen or bathroom as they can get easily stained. However, in other rooms they can look and feel great. The blades can either be opened to let in light or fully closed for privacy. You can also pull back vertical blinds so that all bunch up together at one end. This is really handy for when cleaning windows or for use on french / patio doors.

Roller blinds
As the name suggests, move up and down in a rolling action! The cord can be fitted at either the left or right hand side of your window. The blind itself is made up of one continuous length of material which has no joins. This gives 100% privacy and is great at keeping light out. Lots of colours are available ranging from neutral shades right through to bold oranges and reds!

Blackout blinds
These blinds are designed to block out daylight and are great in bedrooms. As with other blind options, these too are available in a number of different pattern and colour options.