Bulletproof Whisky Glass

Bulletproof Whisky Glass

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Our Review

If you are looking to buy a new glass which gives you a bit more bang for your buck, you should check out what we have here! It’s called the¬†Bulletproof Whisky Glass and you only have to look at the photo on this very page to see why!

Each glass has been made by hand made in the USA, so will have its own unique look. Inserted into the tumbler is a real¬†0.308 calibre bullet, but don’t worry it’s not live and nor does it contain any nasty stuff. So the glass is 100% safe to drink from!

The designs aimed at whisky drinkers, but we say you can drink whatever you fancy from it!

You will be pleased to learn that it’s leak-proof. So you don’t have to worry about the contents of your drink leaking from the bullet hole!

It’s dishwasher safe too. So one less thing to wash up by hand!