Calm The F*ck Down Tea

Calm The Fck Down Tea

Product information

A cup of tea solves everything. You only have to watch the soaps in the evening┬áto see that! Everytime a drama happens out comes the tea pot. It’s the British way and has been for many years!

Any tea will do, but why not go the full hog and do things right by having a nice big cup of Calm the fuck down tea. Each tin comes with enough goodness inside to make around 50 cups, plenty enough for even the most stressed out of us.

Calm the fuck down tea is naturally caffeine free and taste so good.

Brewing a cup is really easy too and means you can stay calm when doing this.

Now that we’ve told you about the contents of the tin can we now talk about the design?! This has to be the best tea tin ever made. Great colours and patters not to mention the big, bold slogan: Calm the fuck down tea which is written in capital letters.

So now the next time you need to chill out why not brew up and calm down!