Dino Lamps

Dino Lamps

Product Information

Dinosaurs may have been extinct many millions of years ago, but they are still one of the coolest creatures to ever step foot on earth. Try saying that about a Z list celeb from one of these reality TV shows! So it’s no surprise then that the range of Dino Lamps have been a massive success since being launched a few weeks ago.

The Dino lamps have so many uses around the home and that makes them even cooler. Along with looking really cool, they use LED bulb technology so not only will they cost next to nothing to run but you wont be replacing blown bulbs either.

You get lots of choice when it comes to selecting your Dino lamp. In stock right now are all types and colours. We have listed these below.

Dino Lamp Options

  • Diplodocus (Green)
  • T-Rex (Orange)
  • Triceratops (white)

The Dino Lamps come boxed and fitted with a UK 3 pin plug.