EE 4GEE Home Router


The EE 4GEE home router is the perfect solution If you live or work in an area that suffers from slow broadband speeds or you simply don’t want a landline phone anymore.

Its powered by the award-winning EE 4G network and offers all the same great features as landline broadband but without the wires.

No waiting to be connected
Simply take the 4GEE router out of the box, insert the SIM card and switch the unit on. If you want to move it to another location, simply turn it off and take it with you. This is great if you move home because you won’t have any connection fees or downtime.

Perfect for all the family
You can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices at any one time and EE has large data plans with up to 500GB usage a month. Perfect then for even the most data-hungry families!

Great for rural locations
Living out in the countryside has so many plus points but one negative can be broadband speeds. EE has invested heavily in building new masts over the years and many more locations can now get super fast 4G. This means you can use the 4GEE home router to get online in more places.

EE Outdoor Antenna 
Have a weak 4G signal? No problem because the router has a built-in antenna port which allows you to connect up an external antenna.

If needed, EE can supply and install an outside external antenna with a one-off cost of just £100. However, most people find that they don’t need this and the 4G signal is strong enough without.

EE currently offer the 4GEE router with either an 18 month or 30 day contract. Data allowances start from 50GB a month which is great for low use right through to 500GB.

This means you can choose the best plan for your usage and needs.