Firebox Mystery Boxes

Firebox Mystery Boxes


It’s that time again. You ask that special someone what they would like for their Birthday, Christmas etc and they then reply and say I don’t know! As we all know this answer is as much use as making a tea pot out of chocolate and leaving it on top of a hot radiator!

Now you could just go and buy them some slipper or socks, but before you do we suggest you take a look at one of these great mystery boxes from the good guys at Fiirebox.

How it works
Once ordered, Firebox will set to work filling up your box full of goodies from the current best selling range. What’s great is you are always guaranteed to get at least the same value of gifts (or better) than if you were to have gone and ordered them on their own.

In fact many people have reported that the Firebox mystery box they ordered contained a much higher value than the box price.

Good stuff
These boxes contain current top items. It’s not used by Firebox just to get rid of unwanted items. It’s simple really, if they did this word would soon get round and make them look bad. We all know Firebox us ace, so you can be sure these boxes will be of the highest quality.

Firebox mystery boxes contents
What’s inside is designed to be a surprise, but you might be able to seek out a few clues by clicking the shop now button above.

Which box will you choose?


These Firebox mystery boxes make a great gift whatever the time of year or occasion. It also takes away the hassle of drumming up gift ideas. And because the products all come from Firebox, you know whatever is inside will be really cool!