F**K The Game

F**K The Game

Product Information

A family card game that includes swearing? Sounds like a typical Boxing Day TBH at our house, but no this game comes with swearing included!

How do you go about playing F**k the game?
Each player takes it in turns to flip over a card and shout out what they see. Some cards say the background colour while others say the text colour. If you are lucky it will say a swear word! Everyone continues to take it in turns turning over cards until someone makes a mistake and picks up the entire pile. The winner of the game is the one who runs out of cards first.

Each pack comes with 60 cards, so plenty for all the family or your mates to join in.

This game might just seem like an excuse to swear, but it’s not. It’s been proven (maybe?) that it comes with positive brain training side effects included!

The suggested age rating for F**K the game is 18, but we will leave the decision up to you on how low you want to set the age rating!

F**K is another product born thanks to the Kickstarter movement.