Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Product information

No it’s not April the 1st and again no you are not dreaming! You are indeed looking at the latest product from the range of unicorn items!

This ones called the Giant Inflatable Unicorn and what you get is a seven foot work of art! He or she has been made from a super strong heavy duty vinyl and will really look the part when welcomed into your home or office! It’s lightweight too, so can be moved around really easily.

This little (well OK not so small) inflatable unicorn comes delivered flat packed. This makes delivery a bit easier for the postie plus it allows you to inflate and deflate for easy storage when not in use.

Blowing up your unicorn can be done with a pump or by using your mouth if you have the energy!

You could also buy this an alternative to a Christmas tree. It wont need watering and for sure will not start dropping needles everywhere 2 weeks before Xmas day!