Graffiti Cake Mix

Graffiti Cake Mix

Cake! Loved by Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain and most recently the majority of the planet has fallen in love thanks to the endless supply of baking TV shows we are blessed with (thanks BBC).

While cake is awesome, many offerings look boring. That’s why then celebrity chef Duff Goldman came up with the Graffiti Cake Mix kits. These allow you to bake yummy cakes at home, but as you can see by the photos, these look as good as they will taste.

When ordering you have the choice of 3 kits. Tie Die, army standard Camouflage and pink camo! Each kit comes with all the stuff you need to make one of these tasty looking cakes.

You just have to supply the kitchen, oven and sink. This is to wash up afterwards. Unless you own a dishwasher that is!

Random thought (dangerous!!!) Why hasn’t anyone ever come up with the TV show Baking Bad?

Trademark issues we suspect. But a cool name!

Grafitti Cake Mix Options

Graffiti Cake Mix - Tie Die  Graffiti Cake Mix - Camouflage  Graffiti Cake Mix - Pink Camouflage