Gtech Leaf Blower

Gtech Leaf Blower

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Our Review

When the leaves start to fall it’s really important to pick them up. They can block drains, become slippery on paths and can even damage grass. Now, you could continue to rake and sweep them up but we have found a much quicker and fun way to deal with the leaves this Autumn!

The brand new 2018 Gtech leaf blower is worth taking a look at and here is why…

Really easy to use
Unlike petrol leaf blowers, this little gem from Gtech is battery powered. So no pull starts, dodgy spark plugs to deal with and absolutely no fuel spillages! Simply pop in the battery and press the start button. This means it will start first time, every time!

Plenty of power
Now, I can hear some people thinking that because it’s battery powered it wont be able cope. Don’t worry because the Gtech leaf blower is more than up to the job. Power is delivered by a super powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery which spins the fan at around 11,500 times a minute. This gives plenty of wind to move even the most stubborn leaves!  Also, each charge will provide around 20 minutes of run time on full power – even longer if you are lighter on the trigger!

Lightweight design
The whole unit with the battery only weighs 4,3kg! Whats more, thanks to the smart design, the weight is evenly distributed for really comfortable use.

Quite please!
If you have used a petrol leaf blower before you will know how smelly and noisy they are. The Gtech Leaf Blower is so quiet that it can be used without annoying your neighbours. This also makes it ideal for commercial areas such as offices.

Easy to store
When you have cleared up all the leaves, the Gtech leaf blower is compact enough to store in even the smallest of places. Perfect then for the modern day garage or shed!