Gtech Work Light


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Our Review

gIf you thought Gtech only made great vacuum cleaners then think again.  Today, right now, we are excited to bring you one of the latest products from the brand!

The Gtech torch or to use it’s official name ‘work light’ is here to provide illumination in many situations we all face everyday around the home, at work and to be honest any place it is needed!

In the loft, taking the dog for an early morning or evening walk to inspecting a flat tyre on a winters night. The Gtech work light can handle all these jobs.

Check out the full specifications below to see why this is much more than just another torch!

Super bright LED technology
Gtech have said goodbye to energy hungry bulbs and have used LEDs to power the new work light. These give off a brighter light and have 3 beam settings. They also don’t suffer the dreaded bulb blowing that we all used to fear years ago!

Power when you need it
The Gtech Work Light is powered by a rechargeable 22V Lithium-ion battery. This will give you up to 8 hours of light on a single charge.

Light in any weather
We love a wet and wintry day. OK, we don’t really, but it tends to be what we get most of the time in the UK! The Gtech work light is water resistant and will still work if you get caught in a shower. It really is a great and durable light, perfect for the outdoors type!

So many uses!
It really does have more uses than we could ever fit on this page. But to finish, if you ever need light, the Gtech work light torch is always going to be your friend.