A Hippo Bag is the cost-effective alternative to hiring a skip. Simply order a bag, fill it with your unwanted rubbish and then go back online to book collection when convenient for you. They come in three different sizes, so you can choose the right hippo bag for your next project.

Hippowaste are able to collect bags from 95% of UK addresses, so they should have no problem collecting your waste from your ideal location.

You can save an extra 5% by paying for collection at the same time as ordering your bag.

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Choose the right Hippobag

This is the smallest bag available, but it’s still large enough for many DIY projects.

Weight allowance: 1 tonne

Perfect if you need the next size up or have a bath to dispose of. Its also the bestoption if you need to dispose a bit more weight.

This bag gives you a total weight allowance of 1.5 tonnes.

The biggest bag of them all! Ideal if you have lots of rubbish or larger items to dispose of.

Size is height by width.

Hippobag Information

Can I order more than one bag?
Yes you can! If you have lots of waste to dispose of it can make sense to still use the Hippo waste service. Simply line the bags up in an accessible area (such as a driveway) and the collection driver will take all the bags in one visit.

How is my waste collected
Once you have filled your bag and left it near the roadside you can book delivery. Once the driver arrives at your home they will use the crane built in to the lorry to lift your entire bag up and place it in the storage area ready for transport.

How long will I have to wait for collection?
Once you have booked delivery slot the team at Hippo aim to collect your bag within 3 to 5 working days. However, on many occasions it is quicker than this. It simply depends on collection driver work load and what days of the week they collect in your area.

What happens to the waste
Once collected, your waste will be taken to a local recycling centre. Here it will be sorted and if possibleĀ it will be recycled. Normally only a small amount of waste is unable to recycled and this will be sent to a landfill site.

Can I have the bag back
No! This is for a very good reason and it’s due to safety. Your Hippobag however will be recycled along with the entire contents!