Product Information

We don’t want to start an argument, but men have enough problems making aim at the toilet even in daylight hours, so it’s great news to see that a device has been made to help them at night!

It’s called the Illumibowl and that’s because it lights up the toilet bowl so men can point Percy at the porcelain and aim with a 100% success rate.

The device is really easy to fit and works with any toilet. The Illumibowl is motion activated and means you no longer have to turn on all the main house lights. So no more waking everyone else up when the call of nature calls at 2.30am!

The Illumibowl comes with 9 different light colour options. This can be set to a single colour or cycle effect that continues to skip through all 9 one after another.

It’s smart too because it will only light up when dark. So in daylight it will stay switched off and this means the batteries will last miles longer.

So why not spend a penny of two and make nighttime toilet time alot easier.