Kawaii Animal Mugs

Kawaii Animal Mugs

Product information

It’a time to make a change. Not a big one, but a small good one! What we’re talking about here is sending your old mugs to the grave and upgrading to one of these fancy Kawaii Animal Mugs.

You have 4 awesome designs to choose from and each one has been inspired by cute designs in Japanese pop culture.

Each mug has been made with love and care using quality ceramic. If washing up by hand is too much of a chore you will be pleased to learn they are all dishwasher safe.

Enjoy a proper brew because these mugs are a really good size. OK they’re not as big as a Sports Direct mug, but they are still big. Height wise they are 14cm high while the width comes in at around 11cm wide.

Now you just have to choose if you want the Panda, Cat, Fox or Bear mug. Want our advice? Order all 4 because they’re all good!