Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy

Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy

Product information

It’s time we all got real. You won’t like this, but the reality is, you’re never going to be able to hunt down and find a real unicorn trophy for your wall. But as always, we have the solution to a first world problem.

Called the Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy, it does what the name suggests and means you can make your own from scratch! What’s more, everything you need is included and the instructions are really easy to follow.

The idea and design was created by someone called Sincerely Louise. Based in Brixton, London, she is the queen of all things fake taxidermy. She also holds regular knitting workshops in her studio, so perfect for those of us who love animals but don’t want to seem them killed or suffer for fashion.

Once completed, your Knit your own unicorn trophy will be approximately 24cm(W) x 44cm(H) x 54cm(D).