Magical Unicorn Umbrella

Magical Unicorn Umbrella

Product Information

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is here the UK, even in the Summer there is a good chance that it will rain. So it makes sense then to invest in an umbrella which is not only great quality, but looks the part too. Perfect time then to say hello to the Magical Unicorn Umbrella we think!

The parasol part of this umbrella is a great size and looks so good in the flesh thanks to it’s rainbow colour design. The handle, which looks impressive is made from Faux ivory which is great news for the elephants and the top is topped off with a polished golden horn tip.

For those who like size stats, we have included below all the vital Magical Unicorn Umbrella statistics!

Measurements are approx: 92cm(L) x 12cm (W) & 5cm (D)

Disclaimer: Sightings of Unicorns are not guaranteed and depend on your imagination/illegal drugs you might have taken today!