Mighty Animal Speakers

Mighty Animal Speakers

Product Information

It’s true that the market is already full of portable speakers, but they tend to just look like ugly blocks of plastic and speaker! Well a solution has finally arrived and I’m going to explain all!

Called the Mighty Animal Speakers, we have now found a portable speaker that not only sounds great, but looks awesome too! You have 6 great designs to choose from (see photo above) and are super easy to get working from your device.

The Mighty Speakers will work with any phone, tablet or device that has Bluetooth. Each charge of the speaker will give you around 4 hours of non stop tunes, plenty for a good party! The Mighty Speaker also has a built in microphone for making and receiving calls plus the power button acts as a shutter remote which allows you to take selfies.

Each Mighty Animal Speaker packs 2W of bassy, super clear sound. Perfect for those who like it loud or for those who like to keep things tuned down a bit! Best of both worlds!

Which one will you choose?

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Fox
  • Panda
  • Pig Unicorn