Mopet Robot Mop

Mopet Robot Mop

Product Information

So what is a Mopet you might be asking? That is a really good question and one we aim to answer right now. So scroll down to the next paragraph for more!

Mopet the Robot Mop is a brand new way to clean your home with little and no effort on your part, plus to make things even sweeter it’s not that expensive to buy either!

Powered by 3 AA Batteries, Mopet will move around the rooms of your home and will pick up any bits of dust and dirt that think they can hide! It can even get into those really hard to reach places, better than most humans can!

It’s no slacker either! The Mopet can run for around 6 hours before it needs more power again. Each cleaning session lasts 10 minutes, so it wont keep going for 6 hours non stop!

If all this isn’t enough you also have an aroma tray that will give off a nice scent. This is achieved by using scented oil. This is optional and works just a well without, but it’s nice to have.

When ordering you have two colour options to choose from. Brown or Pink (no jokes please, the office here have made those already!) You also get a pack of funky face stickers to jazz up your Mopet too!

The Mopet is like having a cleaner of maid, but without the cost! Every home should have one!