MOT tests from just £20!

Booking your cars next MOT test online is not only quick and easy, but it could save you money too! We have listed prices and deals from some of the UK’s best-known MOT testing locations.


MOT test FAQs

How much does an MOT cost?
The maximum amount a test centre can charge is £54.85. However, many locations charge a lot less than this!

When do I need to get my car MOT tested?
All cars over Three years old need to be tested once a year. If your car is used as a taxi, this needs to be tested every year from new.

Can my car be tested before the expiry date?
Yes! You can have your car MOT tested at any time. If your car is due within 30 days of expiry the pass test certificate will be post-dated. This, in theory, will give you up to 13 months before its due for testing again.

What happens if my car fails?
You will be given a list of what work needs completing before it can pass. If your car still has a valid MOT test and is roadworthy, you can continue to drive the car until this expires.

Many test centres offer a free retest when you have the required jobs completed at the same location.

What do I need to bring to the test?
Just yourself and your car! The MOT tester will be able to see all documents on the computerised system. You will also need your locking wheel nut because the wheels need removing during the test.

My current MOT has run out
If this is the case you are not allowed to drive on the public roads. If you do, you are at risk of being fined and your car being towed away!

You are however legally allowed to drive on the road if you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test.

Can I do any pre-checks to avoid my car failing?
You sure can! Many cars fail the MOT on really simple things you can check for free. We have listed some of the most common reasons below.

Headlights and the aim or position are one of the biggest reasons for failure. Many locations check these for free. Also, check for any faulty brake lights or indicators.

Need to be in good condition, without any damage which includes cuts. Also, check that your tyre tread meets the current minimum legal depth of 1.6 mm across the main parts. If not, this will cause an instant failure.

Number plates
Need to be clear to read and without damage. The letters and numbers also need to be correctly spaced with the legal font.

Windscreens & wipers
Any chips or cracks that obscures the driver’s view will lead to a failure as will wipers which fail to clear water in an effective manner.

Damage or faults within the braking system can lead to an instant MOT failure. This can include leaks and excessive wear such as brake discs, drums or pads.

The biggest issues include corrosion along with loose or missing parts. A noisy exhaust can also lead to your car failing its MOT test.

Worn or leaking components will not only affect how your car handles, but it can lead to an MOT fail. Snapped or damaged springs are also a common problem.

New MOT Testing rules from April 2018

The new year can only mean one thing and that is a set of new rules! This time the MOT test for both car and bike is getting an update.

Bad news for Diesel
Your car will now fail if the exhaust shows any signs of smoke coming from it. You will also be failed if the particulates filter is either not working correctly or has been tampered with.

New scoring system
Faults will now be categorised under 3 different scales. No longer will it either be an advisory or simple fail.

Any issues will now be scored minor, major or severe.