Solar System Lollipops

Solar System Lollipops

Product Information

If you are looking to help your kids learn about the solar system we, have a tasty way of teaching them! The photo alone sells these lollipops, but read on!

Each pack of Solar System Lollipops contains 10 tasty lollies, one for each planet (Pluto is included too!) Every single one has been hand made to look identical to the planet it represents. In fact the detail is so good that it looks like a high quality photograph.

They also all have their own flavour. Check out below what you can expect to taste!

  • Sun = Marshmallow
  • Mercury = Tropical punch
  • Venus = Cherry
  • Earth = Cotton Candy
  • Mars = Pear
  • Jupiter = Key lime
  • Saturn = Guava
  • Uranus = Blackberry
  • Neptune = Mango
  • Pluto = Strawberry & Kiwi

Who would have ever guessed that giving kids sweets would help them learn!