Spreadable Pornstar Martini

Over the last couple of years, some really odd but equally great tasting spreadable items have hit the market! It first started with spreadable beer which was such a tasty success that they then created a gin version too. But they now say the best ever version is here and this has been named Spreadable Porn star Martini.

So, what is in this latest spreadable masterpiece we hear you cry? The main ingredients are passion fruit and vodka, so as you can imagine it will be rather tasty!

It works well as a jam/marmalade replacement on toast but that is only the beginning! When you get it in the kitchen why not experiment by baking with it too? If that is not enough we can confirm that it tastes great eaten out of the jar on its own with a big spoon!

Each 225g jar of spreadable pornstar martini marmalade contains all natural ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians and vegan folks too which has really pleased our office!