Toast Heated Pillow

Toast Heated Pillow

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Our Review

Experts keep telling us that the planet is getting warmer, but we’re not so sure. Currently, it is -2¬†outside and snowing. Time then to warm up with some toast.

Well, when we say toast, in fact, we mean the toast heated pillow!

This little cutie stays warm for up to 4 hours at a time and is easily charged using any USB port or you can use one of those 3 pin plug adaptors that come with most phones or tablets.

The fabric is really soft and on the front is a smiley face design to give this pillow even more warmth.

The toast heated pillow is a great size too. It’s around 33cm high and is the same measurement wide.

So, it’s perfect then for all ages and is much more appealing in both looks and feel compared to a hot water bottle!