Uni The Unicorn Night Light

Uni The Unicorn Night Light

Product Information

The world has gone Unicorn mad and next on the list of products is Uni The Unicorn Night Light! however as lights go, this one is the best we’ve seen yet. So it’s all good.

Lets start with the design. Whats not to like? It looks amazing. Kids of all ages will love this night light and we have it on good authority that many adults will too!

Inside the light is a long lasting LED bulb that wont keep needing to be replaced and because it uses next to no power, it will be economical on the 3 AAA batteries too.

The unit itself when not switched on is a white colour. However you can choose which colour it lights up when switched on.

Colour choices

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Purple

So why not welcome another Unicorn product into your home by ordering the Uni The Unicorn Night Light.