Unicorn Tears Christmas Gin Liqueur

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Product description

Today we welcome a brand new and exclusive product known simply as the Christmas pudding flavour unicorn tears gin liqueur.

This latest version sits nicely with the other flavours the good people at Firebox.com have created over the last couple of years. This new stuff, however, is a little bit more special because it has been made to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday.

Just like the other unicorn gins, this Xmas pudding flavour gin comes in the same great looking bottle and will make Christmas 2019 taste that little bit better!

Upon tasting you will experience notes of dried fruit, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, treacle and not to forget the best part which is, of course, Christmas pudding!

Sadly, this is a limited edition version of the unicorn tears gin. So, if you fancy giving this a try or you just want to stock up may we suggest ordering yours soon.

Normally we would say it’s the season for sharing but this stuff tastes so good that we are hiding our bottles away from any other living objects!